Harmony and Resolution

Harmony and Resolution

I asked spirit for a message that I could write about on today's blog post. I decided to draw an angel oracle card from The Angel Guide Oracle by Kyle Gray. I love Kyle Gray decks because the messages always seem to resonate, and the decks are always of great quality. Today the message given by spirit is that of 'Harmony and Resolution'. When I think of those two words I think of peace, balance, and serenity. Here's what it says in the guidebook, the first page, when reading the message:


Over time I have learned that there is nothing more valuable than peace of mind. Some of the biggest battles we will ever face in our lives will be battles against ourselves. If we are happy within ourselves, typically things fall into place. To do this, it is important to keep the faith that spirit has a plan for you and your life. It is amazing to see how things seem to fall together perfectly in life, when there seems to be no way out. Harmony starts within us and then that energy will be reflected in everything we do. We have to remember that not everyone is in the same place in their journey as we are. We all have different purposes and are at various stages of our spiritual development. It's necessary to keep this in mind when dealing with conflict with others. Right now, I feel spirit is asking me to avoid the need to be right at all times. It's okay to say how we feel and our truth, but when conflict arises, sometimes it's best to throw in the towel and let the divine do its thing. I am a firm believer in karma and the universe has a special way of balancing things out and shedding light on the truth. 

We are given free will by God and it is possible for us to screw things up and mess up our divinely destined path. This message is reminding me to trust the process that spirit has for me. There are times in life that it is necessary to stand up for yourself and fight for truth, but spirit is telling me that right now they want me to stand down so they can intervene and balance the situation. 

I welcome the harmony and resolution the divine is bringing into my life right now and I ask God to help me do my part to maintain the peace. 

Please comment below and tell me what this message means to you!

<3 Empress Ziggy

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You have an amazing gift. Having harmony in my life is very important. I am so busy all the time.. thank you for this message.


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